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How much moisture should be retained in the finished freeze-dried product?

Any fresh product contains a lot of water. Moisture is the direct reason of product deterioration, so the shelf life of fresh products is very short. This is why they need to be dehydrated or dried.

How much moisture should be retained in the finished freeze-dried product? Since the freeze-dried product does not contain any additives, preservatives, and desiccant, the more moisture content in the freeze-dried product, the shorter the shelf life will be. This is inversely proportional. When the moisture content of the freeze-dried product is higher than 1%, its moisture will cause the freeze-dried product to regain moisture and become soft. After a period of time, the product is no longer so crisp. Through a large number of experiments in a long time, it has been proved that the moisture content of the freeze-dried product<1%, and packed by 3 layers aluminum foil bags would be contribute to prolong shelf time and it can be stored for several years.

Some manufacturers recommend more percentage of moisture content in freeze-dried products to attract investors' interest and by telling them that it can increase the weight of the product, so that the profit will be higher. This is totally irresponsible. Such products will decrease in quality over time, which is not conducive to ensuring food safety, nor is it conducive to maintaining your freeze-dried brand value.

Therefore, KEMOLO recommends that the moisture content of freeze-dried products be kept below 1%, except for special requirements. 

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