EL-1000 Freeze Dryer

The EL series freeze dryers are economical, based on carbon steel and domestic accessories. This is a cost-effective product, with the same price, you can get a larger capacity; with the same capacity

  • Input capacity:: 1000kg/batch



The EL series freeze dryers are economical, based on carbon steel and domestic accessories. This is a cost-effective product, with the same price, you can get a larger capacity; with the same capacity, you will spend less money.


EL series freeze dryers are mainly used in food, health products, nutrition products, biological products, pet food and other industries. Products can be frozen by in-situ freezing, refrigerator or blast freezer, Users only need to put the pre-treated product into the tray, put product tray into the machine, and start the automatic operation program. Unless refrigerator or blast freezer is used, the operators do not have to wait several hours for products to freeze, nor do they need to move frozen material from one location to another. After the product is dried, it can be unloaded.


Larger freeze dryers such as EL-1000 to EL-1500 adopt the design of double chambers and double doors. The chambers are divided into an independent drying chamber and condenser chamber; at the same time, the drying chamber is designed with front and rear double doors. The products can be loaded in and out from both front and rear doors at the same time, which greatly shortens the time of loading and unloading. If there are frozen products, it can also be directly loaded into the machine for sublimation, and the step of product freezing can be skipped directly, so as to save production time.


Due to the medium and large machines adopt the design of double chambers and double doors, the monorail and trolleys are unnecessary to introduce into the system, thereby the inner space of the chamber is saved and more material can be loaded into the chamber. Thanks to the compact design, the integration and optimization of the chamber structure which improved the space utilization, thus it reduced the power of the supporting system and saved energy consumption. For international users, the transportation cost is greatly reduced, and the installation area is reduced accordingly.


EL series freeze dryers also are with perfect monitor and control of pressure, temperature, flow, etc., and the system is with complete protection. Industrial computer or mobile app remote monitoring are also available as options. There are 4 languages are supplied to control panel to meet the needs of different customers. The EL series dryers can also be supplied to overseas users to meet the requirements of different voltages and frequencies. On-site installation guidance, equipment commissioning and staff training services are provided to overseas users. In order to save installation time and cost, large-scale equipment adopts a modular design, which could be assembled and piped quickly and efficiently at the user's site. One-year warranty and free lifetime after-sales technical consulting services are offered to the EL series freeze dryers.




Shelf area (m2)

100 m2

Shelf spacing (mm)


Capacity (solid)


Capacity (Liquid≈1kg/dm³)

1000 L

Product cooling (°C)

-35 ℃

Product cooling way

Flexible ways

Max. ice capacity (kg)


Condenser temperature (°C)


Transfer liquid (Exclude)

Mix liquid/water

Tray quantity

228 pcs

Tray size (mm)


Loading & unloading

From front & rear

Chamber quantity           

Double chambers

Overhead trolley


Monorail and freezer


Ultimate vacuum (Pa)

15 Pa


Chinese brand

Vacuum pump

Chinese brand

Other accessories

Chinese brand

Chamber material

Iron & aluminum

Refrigerant (R404A)


Installed power (kW)


Installation area (m2)


Drying chamber (m)


Condenser chamber (m)


Estimated weight (kg)

15000 kg

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