FD-5000 Freeze Dryer

>5000kg of a single lyophilizer, DIY Customized Large Freeze Dryer. If the daily processing capacity is less than 30 tons, please do not ask for a customized model, as the dimension is too big to be shipped by containers. If you do need a large tray freeze dryer with affordable price for food freeze drying process, and the best brands dehydrator, KEMOLO freeze dryer would be a good alternative.

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FD-5000 of a single lyophilizer, DIY Customized Large Freeze Dryer

If the daily processing capacity is upto 10 tons, consider the model FD-5000. However, please consider the shipping possibilities before purchase this model, as the dimension of FD-5000 freeze dryer is very big, check if you have problem for your domestic logistics, as both height and width are out of the limitation. The fresh raw material loading capacity is 5000kg/batch for FD-5000 diy freeze dryer. If one set of freeze dryer does not meet the requirement of input capacity, so it needs more sets of freeze dryers to build large freeze-drying process lines. Please consult for layout drawing according to your factory size. KEMOLO offers affordable prices for complete freeze-drying systems with all necessary accessories for all kinds of food, sea food, coffee, pets’ food. Input 5000kg, the quantity of freeze-dried output would be different as the difference of water content of raw products, approximately 15-40% of the raw product. The time of food freeze drying: 16-24 hours/batch, also decided mostly by water content of raw products; the freeze dry time of biological, pharmaceutical and chemical: 50-100 hours/batch. The freeze-dried food has no color and shape change, no loss of flavor and nutrient, and very crispy, therefore, it is an ideal method of drying any type of food, much better than any types of dehydrators.

Advantages of freeze-dried product
1, Retain biological activity

To retain biological activity as much as possible, the material must be in low temperature, but on the contrary, drying needs heat involved. Heating will destroy biological activity and nutrition. Our solution is to
get the liquid water in the material completely frozen to solid status. The water in the material is solid ice status during the whole heating processing till the material is completely dried. So, the biological activity is retained greatly.

2, No damage to the nutrition
Heating is no doubt the main reason of nutrition damage. By using our freeze dryer, heating processing occurs after material gets completely frozen to ice status. Thus, it typically retains 97% of the nutritional value.

3, Taste, color and appearance
Lyophilized by our freeze dryer, the food material still tastes fresh, delicious as a snack, but a different try. The freeze-dried material remains the same color, flavor and appearance as it was firstly harvested. And the volume of freeze-dried material has no change, that is to say the appearance has no shrink or toughen. It is the real high quality preserved food.

4, Longer shelf-life
Freeze dried material has a longer preservation time than frozen, canned and oven dried items. Freeze dried food is really healthy, you will be far away from pigment, additives, preservatives and anti-season food material.

Working principle:

In a sealed vacuum, by heating the frozen material, the ice in the frozen material will be sublimated to a continuous frozen vapor condenser. After a period of time, the material is dried, the water is moved to vapor condenser of the freeze dryer.

large freeze dryer

Main components of freeze dryer
Each single freeze dryer is composed by a chamber with plate/shelf, trays, vapor condenser, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system and control system.

1, Chamber, shelf, tray and vapor condenser
Chamber, shelves, trays and vapor condenser are made of high efficiency AL-6063-T5. And the shelf will be heated during freeze drying process. The craftsmanship is superior, and approved by CE, EAC, ASME and FDA. 

2, Refrigeration system

The refrigeration system cools both the shelf and vapor condenser at different time. Firstly, the products will be cooled in o ice status, the vapor condenser will be cooled to collect vapor from products. The refrigerant used is environment friendly freon. The system will be given 20 bar pressure tests.

3, Vacuum pump

The vacuum system is composed of drying chamber, vacuum pipes, valves and vacuum pump. Roots pump will be supplied for large scale freeze dryers. Vacuum system is an essential for the rapid sublimation and high-quality freeze-dried products.

4, Heating system
Heating is not for products, but for providing heat for sublimation. An electric boiler directly heats the fluid, and a centrifugal pump provides the forced circulation of the heat transfer fluid.

6, Control system
CE, approved Siemens PLC is adopted in control system. All electrical components are compatible with local supplies including voltage, frequency, wire, motor circuit breakers and overload. A variety of sensors support the data acquisition and control of freeze-drying process. Temperature, pressure, can be monitored and controlled in the whole process.

KEMOLO's Service
KEMOLO offers on-site installation, start-up, training service. 2-years warranty. A box of spare parts free of charge for backup. Response within 12 hours, and professional technical support for lifetime. If on-site technicians are needed, he will be dispatched from the nearest place in time. The large-scale project custom lyophilization and manufacturing solutions includes: budgeting, investment analysis, comprehensive drying solutions design, equipment production, shipping, import services, installation, start-up, trial production, marketing, employee training and a series of turnkey services.

Confidentiality is based on both parties. KEMOLO provides users with confidential files for their own use only. Without the written authorization from KEMOLO, leakage is prohibited. The user name, factory status, support and consultation are also highly confidential. Without written authorization from the users, KEMOLO has no right and will not disclose it to any third parties.

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