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FD-750 Freeze Dryer

  • Input capacity:750kg/batch
  • Chamber dimension:5800*2600*3150mm

KEMOLO manufactures industrial freeze dryers machines for fruit and vegetable to produce 100% natural freeze dried food. To look for cheap price freeze dryer manufacturers and suppliers from China to process fruits & vegetables for commercial use, contact us to buy a cost-effective model.

FD-750 Fruit and Vegetable Freeze Dryer

The KEMOLO FD-750 Fruit and Vegetable Freeze Dryer, can also be used for processing other materials like coffee, meat, meal, protein, fish, sea food, pet’s food. In practice, the users mostly process fruits and vegetables by this type of freeze dryers. The FD-750 fruit freeze dryer is as short as FD-500, its length is less than 6 meters, suitable for a 20 feet container which saves shipping cost and meanwhile flexible for small factories, if the installation space is limited. The FD-750 fruit & vegetable freeze dryer comes with a separate blast freezer, support equipment and freeze-drying chamber. Product transportation is through overhead rail system and trolleys with higher working efficiency than any types of contact freeze dryers. The water in the fresh product is quickly frozen to -35°C becoming ice. And the ice is sublimated into vapor and removed out of the product, condensed on a low temperature vapor condenser. The product is dried 100% natural, without shape changing, color changing, nutrition lost, flavor lost, longer shelf time without additives and preservatives. 
1. How much can you earn by FD-750?

Production period


Daily input capacity


Daily output capacity


Annually output


Lyophilized fruit price


Total turnover annually


How much is your profit?

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2. The principle and process of fruit & vegetable freeze-drying

The principle of freeze-drying is to remove water by sublimation and collect by condensation. The freeze-drying process is divided into three stages: (Product freezing stage, primary lyophilization stage; secondary lyophilization stage,<1% water remained)

3. Advantages and applications of freeze-drying
Freeze-dried products are 100% natural, without additives and preservatives, and can be stored for up to 25 years without changes in color, shape, flavor and nutrient. KEMOLO freeze dryer is mainly used in the food, biological, dairy, nutraceuticals and pet food industries.
KEMOLO is one of the main freeze dryer manufacturers in the world, providing the most cost-effective freeze-drying equipment and the cheapest price to users all over the world.

4. Freeze-drying solutions provided by KEMOLO
KEMOLO provides batch freeze dryers, continuous freeze dryers (continuous de-icing), low energy consumption; fully automatic control; user-friendly touch screen displayed in front of the chamber; mobile phone and computer monitoring and control; users can see the production status at anytime and anywhere. The system allows a conservative or an aggressive drying profile; it not only allows high-quality production based on eutectic point and co-melting point, and ensure no melt-back or collapse of the product; it also allows fast and efficient production. The system allows users to design, store parameters, and record historical production parameters. KEMOLO offers double side radiant plates (thermal property: 160W/m-K) for heating to increase thermal efficiency; energy saving system for refrigeration; rail and trolleys for products fast transportation. KEMOLO is committed to reducing power consumption; heat recovery, defrosting water recovery, so as to reduce operating cost.

5. KEMOLO’s freeze-drying technology
The latest 5G technology, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic arm system, microwave, far-infrared, liquid nitrogen, solar energy and steam is introducing to KEMOLO freeze-drying system to meet different application requirement. KEMOLO would recommend the most cost-effective, feasible and mature solutions to users. The KEMOLO technical team includes experienced engineers, refrigeration, vacuum, electrical, automation experts, food freeze-drying experts; a professional team with extensive technology.
6. Composition and quality control of KEMOLO freeze dryer
The main components of KEMOLO freeze dryers are Bitzer compressor, Leybold vacuum pump, Siemens PLC and Schneider Electric. The world's top brand accessories suppliers are the backing of KEMOLO freeze dryers. Stringent quality control with pressure, leakage protections, personnel protection; parameter setting access protection, the KEMOLO freeze dryer is safer, more stable and reliable; strictly inspected and tested before leaving the factory.

Technical parameters of FD-750 fruit & vegetable freeze dryer




Radiant type


High efficiency

-35°C IQF

750kg in 3 hours

Overhead rail

#12 I steel

Overhead trolley

1.46*1.39m, 3 units

Input capacity

750kg in 24 hours

Condenser temperature


Shelf temperature

0°C to 100°C

Product cooling

in IQF

Product lyophilization

in the machine

Shelf area


Shelf spacing (mm)


Heating medium

Purified water

Heating/cooling exchange

Heat exchanger

Number of trays

168 pieces

Vacuum pump


Roots blower


Ultimate vacuum (Pa)

10 Pa

Chamber vacuum rate 

≤ 30 minutes




R404A (excluded)

Cooling way

Water or air

Power requirement

112kW, 50/60Hz

Defrost way

By water

Control system


Installation area (m2)

180 m2

Chamber dimension


Estimated Weight (kg)


As a professional manufacturer of fruit and vegetable freeze dryer, KEMOLO can provide you with the complete set of lyophilization solutions you want, high-quality and low-cost food freeze drying equipment, and help you build your own freeze-drying brand in a short time.

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