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FD-1200 Freeze Dryer

  • Input capacity:1200kg/batch
  • Chamber dimension:10060*2600*3200mm

1200kg/batch industrial for freeze dryer machine CE approved cheap price for sale, low cost freeze in blast freezer, fast loading & unloading system, high efficienct vacuum industrial freeze dryers for food industrial commercial freeze-drying process plants with cheap price for sale. Contact KEMOLO the best cost-effective industrial freeze dryers manufacturers and suppliers.

FD-1200 Industrial Freeze Dryer

FD-1200 industrial freeze dryer's fresh food product input capacity is 1200kg, a good model for export and shipped by container as its length is just fit a 40 feet container. The water in the fresh food is quickly frozen to -35°C becoming ice. And the ice is sublimated into vapor and removed out of the product, collected on a low temperature vapor condenser. The product is dried 100% natural, without shape changing, color changing, nutrition lost, flavor lost, longer shelf time without additives and preservatives. The FD-1200 industrial freeze dryer machine is widely used in food industrial applications to process fruits, vegetables, plants, meat, sea food, cooked food, milk, coffee, pet’s food etc.
How much can you earn by FD-1200 industrial freeze-dryer machine?

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Daily input capacity


Daily output capacity


Annually output


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The principle and process of freeze-drying
The principle of industrial freeze-drying is to remove water by sublimation and collect by condensation. The freeze-drying process is divided into three stages: (Product freezing stage, primary lyophilization stage; secondary lyophilization stage,<1% water remained)

Advantages and applications of freeze-drying
Freeze-dried products are 100% natural, without additives and preservatives, and can be stored for up to 25 years without changes in color, shape, flavor and nutrient. KEMOLO freeze dryer is mainly used in the food, biological, dairy, nutraceuticals and pet food industries.

Fast Freeze Dry and Energy Saving

The fresh product is pre-frozen to -35°C in an individual quick freezer before entering industrial freeze dryer. High heat transfer coefficient heating plates (thermal property: 160W/m-K) are used to speed up freeze drying process. The efficiency of thermal is 11.42 times higher than traditional freeze dryers. To finish a batch of production, it takes 12-18 hours only for many kinds of food. Freeze-dry consumes a lot of power. To save energy, solar heating and steam is introduced to our freeze-dry system. The heat from refrigeration system is recycling, and the working load of compressor is reduced to 50-75% load at the middle and late stage of freeze dry, adjusted automatically according required cooling capacity. Ice on the vapor condenser could be recycled and filtered for re-use. By shorten the freeze-drying time and introducing energy saving technology, the KEMOLO industrial freeze dryers could save 30-50% energy compared with traditional freeze dryers.


Environment friendly

The refrigerant used in KEMOLO industrial freeze dryers has no harmful to ozone. It is approved in any countries. The freeze-drying plant is separated into clean room and equipment room, so as to isolate noise, smog and dust pollution to food.


Equipment Safety

The KEMOLO industrial freeze dryers are with all necessary protections. The users are free from any risks of explosion, combustion and electric shock.


User-friendly design

Scientific and reasonable workshop layout; The height of equipment is easy for people to operate; 4 languages in touch screen and showing at any page, the operators would never lose themselves at a foreign language page; 1 touch screen near the door, and 1 touch screen on the control box. It is convenient in use. And system can be run automatically.


5G/4G/WiFi monitor and control

KEMOLO industrial freeze dryer could be monitored and controlled by PC or mobile phone App through 5G/4G or WiFi.


Quality Control

The KEMOLO industrial freeze dryer is manufactured according to the standard of CE, EAC, ASME, FDA and ISO9001. All components adopted is best make in the world, e.g., Bitzer, Leybold, Danfoss, Siemens, Schneider. The welding is Ultrasound NDT tested, and the systems are pressure tested. The FDA test reports for materials can be provided to users.


KEMOLO's Service
KEMOLO offers on-site installation, start-up, training service. 2-years warranty. A box of spare parts free of charge for backup. Response within 12 hours, and professional technical support for lifetime. If on-site technicians are needed, he will be dispatched from the nearest place in time. The large-scale project custom lyophilization and manufacturing solutions includes: budgeting, investment analysis, comprehensive drying solutions design, equipment production, shipping, import services, installation, start-up, trial production, marketing, employee training and a series of turnkey services.

Technical parameters of FD-1200 industrial freeze dryer




Radiant type


High efficiency

-35°C IQF

1200kg in 3 hours

Overhead rail

#12 I steel

Overhead trolley

1.46*1.39m, 4 units

Input capacity

1200kg in 24 hours

Condenser temperature


Shelf temperature

0°C to 100°C

Product cooling

in IQF

Product lyophilization

in the machine

Shelf area


Shelf spacing (mm)


Heating medium

Purified water

Heating/cooling exchange

Heat exchanger

Number of trays

288 pieces

Vacuum pump


Roots blower


Ultimate vacuum (Pa)

10 Pa

Chamber vacuum rate 

≤ 30 minutes




R404A (excluded)

Cooling way

Water or air

Power requirement

204kW, 50/60Hz

Defrost way

By water

Control system


Installation area (m2)

250 m2

Chamber dimension


Estimated Weight (kg)


As a professional manufacturer of industrial freeze dryer, KEMOLO can provide you with the complete set of lyophilization solutions you want, high-quality and low-cost industrial scale food freeze-drying equipment, and help you build your own freeze-drying brand in a short time.

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