FD-50 Freeze Dryer

FD-50 is a KEMOLO cheap small pilot freeze dryer, different from homemade freeze dryers, it is an industrial type pilot freeze dryer and a small commercial type for trial before mass production to accumulate freeze drying data and freeze dried experience. The FD-50 small freeze dryer is tool for making money, not household appliance.

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KEMOLO FD-50 Pilot Freeze Dryer

The model FD-50 is one of the smallest freeze dryers made by KEMOLO. Different from homemade freeze-dryers or mini benchtop laboratory freeze-dryers, the FD-50 freeze dryer is an industrial type pilot freeze-dryer, or it can be regarded as a small commercial freeze-dryer for trial production, but with a cheaper price. The FD-50 is not for laboratory in research institute or university, but for investors or companies to make freeze-dried samples or develop different products to trial the market. Through various pilot producing to accumulate freeze drying data and experiences before mass production. 

The difference between home freeze-dryer and KEMOLO small freeze-dryer?

Home freeze dryer: to save your money.
KEMOLO small freeze-dryer: to make money.

How much can you make with FD-50 freeze dryer?

Production period


Daily input capacity


Daily output capacity


Annually output


Lyophilized fruit price


Total turnover annually


Your profit?

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The advantage of freeze-dried food product?

1, 100% natural without additives and preservatives.
2, Longer shelf life, up to 25 years.
3, The color and shape of freeze-dried food is beautiful.
4, The nutrition is freeze-dried food would not be lost.
5, The flavor or smell of freeze-dried food is great!

Small freeze dryer, pilot small lyophilizer machine, lyophilization machine & equipment from KEMOLO, manufacturer & supplier in China

Application of the pilot freeze dryer
Freeze drying technology is applied to process a variety of materials. The FD-50 freeze dryer is a mini lyophilizer among all models, and it is used in all conceivable kinds of fruits, vegetables, meals, meat, shrimp, fish, seafood, pets food, herbals, plants extraction, coffee, milk; all kinds of biological products, healthy products.

The feature of FD-50 pilot freeze dryer

1, Integrated structure, all accessories assembled together with the freeze dryer chamber, and cooled by air cooling condenser, no water consumption during freeze drying process.

2, The entire process is fully automatic, monitored and controlled by a touch screen or via mobile devices. The FD-50 pilot freeze dryer operated by only 1-2 people only for loading and unloading.

3, The historical production data is recorded and shown as a graph, the data can be downloaded as an excel file. There are 4 languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese) in the touch screen (HMI) for workers whom cannot speak English.

Small freeze dryer, pilot small lyophilizer machine, lyophilization machine & equipment from KEMOLO, manufacturer & supplier in China

Main components of FD-50 freeze dryer
Each single FD-50 freeze dryer is composed by a vacuum chamber with shelf, trays, vapor condenser, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system and control system. All components are assembled and installed in KEMOLO factory, and ready for use in customers' place, no need extra installation service.

Technical parameters of FD-50 pilot freeze dryer







Input capacity




Shelf temperature

-35°C to +60°C

Product cooling

in the machine

Product lyophilization

in the machine

Shelf area

5 m2

Shelf function

Freezing & heating

Heating/cooling medium

Thermal liquid


Heat exchanger

Number of trays

36 pieces

Vacuum pump


Ultimate vacuum (Pa)

10 Pa

Chamber vacuum rate

≤ 30 minutes





Cooling way

Air cooling

Power requirement

11kW, 50/60Hz

Defrost way

By water

Control system


Installation area (m2)

15 m2

Chamber dimension


Weight (kg)


The FD-50 pilot freeze dryer is designed for new start-up companies or an individual investor with affordable price and superior quality. The pilot freeze dryer FD-50 would be an ideal choice for your new food freeze drying business. Based on the same type and quality, KEMOLO offers you the Cheapest Price among all manufacturers and suppliers.

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Small freeze dryer, pilot small lyophilizer machine, lyophilization machine & equipment from KEMOLO, manufacturer & supplier in China

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