We are a professional freeze dryer manufacturer and supplier in China from small pilot to industrial scale. If you want to buy a small pilot freeze dryer with cheap price for sale in the global market, KEMOLO is one of the best options.

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The HL series freeze dryers are our patent (patent number: ZL202330354129.2) products for laboratories, small businesses, research institutes, universities and millions of homes. HL series freeze dryers are our most economical products. HL series freeze dryers are mainly used for food, health products, nutrition products, biological products, pet food, herbal, coffee, milk, candy, sea food and thousands of others. The product cooling is completed in the machine. And the users only need to put trays with sliced fresh products into the machine, and start the automatic operation program. It is so easy to use this freeze dryer. 

HL series freeze dryers are composed of a main machine and external vacuum pump. In the main machine, there are freeze dryer chamber, shelf, refrigeration, heating and control system. Temperature sensor and vacuum pump sensor is equipped to measure production parameters. And 4 heavy-duty wheels are installed under the main chamber, so users can push the freeze dryer to other places. 

freeze dryer, lyophilizer, freeze drying machine

 The freeze-drying process requires a vacuum chamber, a vapor condenser to collect water vapor and condense it into ice, and the space near the product sublimation needs to be heated to replenish the heat required for sublimation. The HL series vapor condenser is located on the inner wall of the chamber. Our HL series vacuum chamber is longer than others', which means it has a large heat exchange area, which ensures that it has a bigger condensation capacity. This is why we only need 20-30 hours to complete a batch of production, while others need 40-60 hours.

In view of the fact that KEMOLO has decades of technical accumulation of large-scale industrial freeze dryers, the HL series machines adopt some of the technologies of industrial freeze dryers. The refrigeration part of the HL series has more protection and more optimized operating performance, making it better at low temperatures, unlike other companies' freeze dryers that cannot continue to cool down after pausing at -23℃.

freeze dryer, lyophilizer, freeze drying machine

Thanks to good design and excellent operating performance, water vapor can quickly condense on the inner wall of the chamber, and there is almost no water vapor inside the chamber. Therefore, no water vapor is sucked into the vacuum pump, which is why the frequency of oil changing for our vacuum pumps is much lower than that of similar freeze dryers from other suppliers.


The control logic of the HL series is the same as our large industrial freeze dryers. If you buy the HL series freeze dryer for business purposes and hope to expand production in the future, then KEMOLO will be your ideal choice, because using the HL series freeze dryer will help you use large machines in the future, and there will also be data and experience accumulation for reference.




Fresh product (batch)


Fresh product (annually)

7500 kg/annually

Dried product (batch)

3.7-11.2kgs (15-45% solid matter)

Dried product (annually)

1125-3370kgs (15-45% solid matter)

Working principle


Product cooling

In the machine or in your refrigerator

Usable shelf area


Number of shelves


Shelf spacing


Shelf dimension


Tray dimension

15.9” * 23.8” (405*605mm)

Number of product trays

10 pieces

Vacuum pump

Double stage

Ultimate vacuum level (Pa)

15 Pa

Refrigeration compressor

Full hermetic


Environment friendly

Product freezing temperature

-20°C to -30°C

Cold trap freezing temperature

-30°C to -40°C

Cooling way

By air cooling


By electricity

Installed power

7 kW

Control system

Smart control

The way of packing

By fumigation free wooden box

Packing dimension


Total weight (G.W.)


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