Meat Freeze Drying Equipment Cost

2021-12-14 11:17:20 kemolo

Freeze-drying equipment


An equipment is always to be big, so the freeze-drying equipment must be large-scale and commercial scale. There are not so many companies in the world produce such big industrial freeze-drying equipment. There are no large freeze-drying equipment manufacturers in the United States, and only pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment manufacturers in Europe, and large-scale vacuum freeze-drying equipment for food production. The main manufacturers are almost in China.

Freeze Drying Equipment Cost 

Features of food freeze-drying equipment:

1. Food freeze-drying equipment must be large enough and have big processing capabilities.

2. Food freeze-drying equipment must be in high efficiency and energy-saving. Freeze-drying has a long production time and high energy consumption; food is a quick consumable product. Then, the freeze-drying equipment for food processing must ensure high-efficiency production and lower power consumption while ensuring the production of high-quality food.

3. Unlike injectable medicines, food is not injected in o blood. The requirements for bacterial-free workshops, bacterial-free equipment and bacterial-free operations are not as high as freeze-dried medicines.


When investing in food freeze-drying business, you must choose food freeze-drying equipment instead of pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment.

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