Food freeze dryer

2022-04-28 07:28:20 kemolo

Food freeze dryers, different from pharmaceutical, home freeze dryersFood freeze dryers, a subsidiary freeze dryers. In general, food freeze dryers are quite big for agricutural industries. Food freeze dryer machine is suitable for freeze-drying fruits, vegetables and meat, herbal materials, health products, pet food, all kinds of fruits powders etc. . The food freeze dryer is different from pharmaceutical, home freeze dryers. This type of freeze dryers are specially designed for food freeze drying applications where there is a lower requirement for the manufacturing standard and higher than home food feeze dryers. The lyophilized products produced by the food freeze dryer can maintain the original shape, color, aroma, taste, nutrition of the food, good rehydration, light weight. Freeze-dried food can be stored at room temperature without adding preservatives. Therefore, the freeze dried food is green and healthy product.

Food freeze-drying technology is a drying method in which wet materials are first frozen to below the eutectic point, so that the moisture becomes solid ice, and then the moisture in the materials is directly sublimated from the solid to the gaseous state by vacuuming to removed out of food materials. 

KEMOLO is a professional food freeze dryer manufacturer, and its freeze dryers have been sold to more than 44 countries and regions around the world. KEMOLO offers complete food freeze dryer production line for users in the global with professional design, quality food freeze dryer equipment with cheap prices. 

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