New Zealand Freeze Dryer Equipment | New Zealand Freeze Dry | New Zealand Lyophilization Market

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New Zealand Freeze Dryer Equipment | New Zealand Freeze Dry | New Zealand Lyophilization Market

The application of freeze-drying technology in agriculture will help farmers increase the added value of agricultural products. Freeze dryers have been widely used in New Zealand. At the same time, New Zealand also has freeze dryer manufacturers. This also contributes to the development of the freeze-drying market! 

New Zealand has an unparalleled geographical and environmental advantage, far away from the industrial pollution of the mainland. New Zealand's agricultural products have a natural and good growing environment. However, New Zealand has a small population and a large surplus of agricultural products so that New Zealand farmers can export their agricultural products to other countries. However, fresh agricultural products cannot be stored for a long time, and freeze-drying is the only technology that can store agricultural products for a long time without losing nutrients.

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Freeze dryers, especially food freeze dryers dedicated to food, can really help the people of New Zealand make money.

How to choose the right freeze dryer supplier in New Zealand?

Firstly, there is a local freeze dryer manufacturer in New Zealand. This is a good choice.

Secondly, KEMOLO has helped many large New Zealand companies produce high-quality freeze-dried kiwi, freeze-dried apples, freeze-dried dog food, freeze-dried seafood and other products. These products are exported to the United States and Europe in large quantities, creating high value.

Finally, it must be pointed out that some food equipment companies also sell freeze dryers; some cold chain companies also sell freeze dryers; whether these companies are real manufacturers or fakes, they are not the best choice. Freeze-drying technology is a very complicated technology. It involves not only sublimation, but also condensation, including refrigeration, heating, and vacuum. How can food companies and cold chain companies fully master these technologies? Non-professional freeze dryer equipment manufacturers without decades of experience cannot produce fully functional freeze dryers, let alone food machinery companies or cold chain equipment companies.

How about the future of the freeze-dried market in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, there are not many suppliers of vacuum freeze-drying equipment, not many freeze-dried food factories, and not many companies operating freeze-dried products. The competition in the freeze-drying business is not fierce. At present, New Zealand freeze-drying is mainly used in the field of household freeze-drying machines and pharmaceutical freeze-drying machines. Food freeze-drying, especially industrial food freeze-drying and commercial production, has not been applied on a large scale. Freeze-drying still has extensive room for expansion in New Zealand, and there is a huge market. The early freeze-drying period is booming.

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