Vacuum freeze dryer, cheap price available for sale from manufacturers

2022-06-03 10:37:39

Vacuum freeze dryer, cheap price available for sale from manufacturers.

Functions of vacuum freeze dryer.

1, heat-sensitive product will certainly not inactivation

2, drying in a secured vacuum chamber, item will certainly never ever be oxidized.

3, the shade of freeze-dried materiel will certainly not come to be dark.

4, under vacuum, without oxygen, so compounds conveniently oxidized have actually been safeguarded.

Freeze dryer requires to be operated in reduced temperature level as well as vacuum problem, so refrigeration system and also vacuum system should be embraced on freeze dryer. Excellent quality Germany Bitzer or Italy Refcomp compressor and also Germany Leybold, and also Siemens control systems are provided in KEMOLO freeze dryer system to make sure secure efficiency.

Freeze drying will certainly not take place in all-natural environments. That is why vacuum system need to be utilized in freeze drying to decrease the environments pressure. Vacuum is made use of all kinds of freeze dryers.

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