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2022-06-03 10:37:40

Freeze dryer machine

Freeze dryer machine is the most current and ideal drying technique for pharmaceutical items and biological items. Drug remedies must be freeze dried to retain its effective substances; Biological items components naturally energetic, so it is active. If it is dried by various other methods, the to life biological will certainly be eliminated in high temperature level, however as for freeze drying, it is refined in low temperature, the organic energetic is remained in optimum, also might be 100% kept.

Why do you freeze dry food? Unlike biological and also pharmaceutical, freeze dry food is not a must, yet it might generate premium quality food and also raise the added value of food. The freeze-dried food is firstly requested astronaut. The freeze-dried food is 100% all-natural without chemicals and additives, and freeze-dried food maintains the exact same shade and shape as original, and also most notably freeze-dried food preserve 99% nourishment which is very excellent for taking a trip food, hill food etc


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