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2022-06-03 10:37:42

Freeze dry equipment

Freeze dry equipment adopt high modern technology: first of all, freezing water in the items right into a solid state, and after that sublimating the humidity from the solid state into an aeriform state, thus eliminating the humidity and maintaining the compounds.

The freeze dry equipment is produced by the principle of vacuum freeze-drying, with small and sensible framework, and it's convenient to maintain, fully automated control and quickly operate. The freeze dry equipment can function individually by linking three-phase electrical power with complete functions, no demand for way too many sustaining facilities. Special layout and also extremely low power consumption make the low-cost products successful by freeze dry equipment.

The items which are processed by freeze dry equipment are very easy to save for a long period of time. After adding water, they can go back to the state before freeze drying and also preserve the initial biochemical features. The freeze-drying modern technology is extremely appropriate for creating heat-sensitive materials such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones as well as other biological cells and also commonly utilized in medicine, pharmaceutical, organic research, chemical and food areas.

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