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2022-06-03 10:37:42

Industrial freeze dry equipment

In order to improve the manufacturing performance, industrial freeze dry equipment is configured with rails as well as carts to carry materials. The rails begin from the raw product pretreatment. After the products end up preprocessing, the materials prepare to be loaded on the trays. Then place the trays packed with raw materials on the cart.

Industrial freeze dry equipment frequently adopts different freezer room for pre-freezing (besides medication and bacteria). By this way, the whole handling time can be saved for 3 hours.

One system of cart can hold even more than 100kg products, and afterwards moved the products to the fast freezer room for pre-freezing. After the pre-freezing procedure is completed, transportation to the drying room for sublimation and drying until the products are totally dried. Ultimately transport the freeze-dried products to the packaging room for fast packaging.

Industrial freeze dry equipment means huge scaled freeze dryer which is used for mass production. It consists of separate freezer space, drying chamber, vapor condenser, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating unit and also control system.

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