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2022-06-03 10:37:44

Pilot freeze dried machine

Pilot freeze dried machine is a trial manufacturing tiny freeze dryer It is easily confused with lab freeze dryer and also home freeze dryer Exactly how to pick a right freeze dryer for test production?

1, What is the purpose to have a freeze dryer?

A: made use of in residence for leftovers: house freeze dryer

B: used in a research institute or laboratory: laboratory freeze dryer.

C: utilized in an university: laboratory freeze dryer.

D: made use of in a tiny workshop to launch your own business: pilot freeze dried machine

E: used in a workshop for example development prior to automation: pilot freeze dried machine

2, The features of the 3 types of freeze dryers

House freeze dryer: square designed, economic design, longer lyophilization production time.

Laboratory freeze dryer: multifunctional for various sort of items, also unknow fluid.

Pilot freeze dried machine: feature is the same as large freeze dryer, to figure out the shortest time to get highest freeze dried out items, to conserve manufacturing expense throughout mass production. To get pilot freeze dried machine with a cost-effective sales rate, just order it from manufacturers and also suppliers straight.

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