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2022-06-03 10:37:45

Commercial freeze-dried equipment

KEMOLO is just one of the main makers and suppliers of commercial freeze-dried equipment, as well as makes huge equipment for commercial manufacturing line to process high-grade with competitive price up for sale.

Commercial freeze-dried equipment is appropriate for drying high-grade raw materials, biology, wild veggies, dehydrated veggies, food, fruit, chemical market, pharmaceutical intermediates, and also various other products. Commercial freeze-dried equipment combines chamber, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heat system as well as control system. The drying procedure of commercial freeze-dried equipment is as complying with: firstly, the inner water of food has been frozen in the low-temperature setting.

There are 2 sorts of commercial freeze-dried equipment. Conductive kind is made use of for middle and small range high value items freeze drying handling. Radiant type is made use of for large-scale food freeze-drying manufacturing.

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