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2022-06-03 10:37:45

Veggie freeze dried equipment

Vegetable freeze dried equipment is commonly made use of in vegetables, such as edible mushrooms, garlic pieces, shallots, onions, eco-friendly beans, peas, cucumbers, sweet corn bits, carrot pieces, spinach, asparagus, wild veggies and also so on. Our input capacity of veggie freeze dried equipment is 10-2500kg. The excellent thing about vegetables generated by veggie freeze dried equipment is that they can be prepared by just adding water.

KEMOLO is among the main makers as well as sellers of vegetable freeze-dried equipment, as well as makes large equipment for vegetable freeze drying assembly line to process top quality with competitive price available.

There are 2 types of veggie freeze-dried equipment. Conductive type is made use of for little and also center range high worth items ice up drying handling. Radiant type is used for large-scale veggie freeze-drying production.

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