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2022-06-03 10:37:47

Industrial lyophilizer machine

Commercial lyophilizer machines beam brilliant when it comes to the dietary value of preserved food. It is estimated that a freeze dryer can preserve around 97% of the first worth of a food, which means that freeze-dried food can be equally as nourishing as fresh food.

In concept, industrial lyophilizer machine can make use of for nearly all non-corrosive products drying, consist of however not restrict in food, fruit, vegetables, soup, meals, seafood, meat, natural herbs, biological items and so on. Freeze dried products created by commercial lyophilizer machine are organic and also health, freeze dried food well maintain personalities that could compare fresh food (original look, shade, vitamins, flavors, healthy proteins and so on), likewise, due to water removed, freeze dried items like fruit taste a lot more delicious than fresh fruit.

Industrial lyophilizer machine functions by freezing the product as well as after that minimize the surrounding pressure to enable the frozen water in the material sublimate directly from the ice stage to the gas stage. Lyophilization causes less damages to the substance than other dehydration methods making use of higher temperature level.

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