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2022-06-03 10:37:48

Large lyophilizer equipment

Lyophilizer equipment is progressed drying equipment used to dry food and also other materials. The dried item is excellent. There are some advantages which oridinary drying can not get. This is the reason that lyophilizer equipment is so great. To build your lyophilization plant, KEMOLO can really help to make a professional layout and supplies large lyophilizer equipment with favorable cost from our straight factory.

Lyophilizer equipment is making use of a secure procedure of product dried which will place the material consisted of with water to freeze to solid initially, then make amongst them of the water sublimate from solid to air condition, eliminating water to preserve products. Products at option phase are frozen through sublimation and desorption, then the solvent decrease to a particular extent, thus preventing the formation of micro-organisms or chemical reaction in between the solute and solvent that items can be protected for a long time and maintained its nature.

Contrasted with the generally used drying approach, the freeze-dried food created by lyophilizer equipment features extended period of quality control, excellent re-hydration nature, fine-looking shade, good taste, taste, and high content of nutritious components. Freeze dried food tastes, looks, and also smells better than dried food due to the fact that suspended animation does not need quite warm. The large lyophilizer equipment can be extensively utilized in such fields as food, biological as well as nutraceutical etc.

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