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2022-06-03 10:37:48

Vacuum lyophilizer equipment

The heat power is provided by the heating plate via heat transmission or radiation, so that the water in the item is directly sublimated from ice to vapor standing. The continuously sublimated vapor is compressed as well as caught to the U-shaped coil till the heating as well as vacuumizing are quit according to the freeze-drying curve to satisfy the specified needs. After 15 ~ 24 hours, the products are dried, as well as the water is transferred to vapor condenser of the vacuum lyophilizer equipment.

The vacuum lyophilizer equipment is mainly made up of vacuum freeze-drying chamber, vacuum system, refrigeration system, heater as well as control system. The standard technical procedure taken on by vacuum lyophilizer equipment is: pretreating → freezing → vacuum drying → product packaging → ended up product.

The working principle of the vacuum lyophilizer equipment: firstly, freeze the raw material below the eutectic point temperature level to make the water in the items into solid ice, and after that load the pre-treated items into drying chamber of the vacuum lyophilizer equipment under low temperature vacuum state.

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