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2022-06-03 10:37:49

Vegetable lyophilizer equipment

Freeze-dried veggies have a porous sponge-like framework after processing by vegetable lyophilizer equipment. The product is easy to absorb water and also oxidize when revealed to air, so freeze-dried vegetables need to be vacuum-packed, ideally nitrogen-filled; second, the occupied quantity of veggies from vegetable lyophilizer equipment is relatively huge, which is not for product packaging, transport, and also sales.

The permeable structure makes the freeze-dried vegetables exceptionally breakable during transport. The typically used product packaging materials for vegetable lyophilizer equipment products are PE bags as well as aluminum foil bags. PE bags are often used for large product packaging as well as aluminum foil bags are made use of for tiny packaging. If essential, iron containers can additionally be utilized for packaging, however the rate is higher as well as the application is not really common.

No matter what kind of packaging products are used, it is essential to load with nitrogen, as well as include oxygen scavenger and desiccant. Vegetable lyophilizer equipment products should be saved in a cool and also dry area.

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