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2022-06-03 10:37:49

Lyophilization machine

Given that the lyophilization machine is performed under reduced temperature as well as high vacuum, the moisture in the material is straight sublimated from the solid state gaseous, so it can take full advantage of the cell activity, shade, aroma, preference, shape, as well as dietary make-up of the freeze-dried material, as well as has great rehydration performance.

Lyophilization machine is made use of to dry all kinds of food, organic, nutraceutical items. There are lots of suppliers of lyophilization machine, nevertheless, just couple of producers of huge industrial type.

Freeze-dried food is a premium eco-friendly food refined by lyophilization machine that incorporates convenience, health and wellness, as well as pure nature, preventing the staining, wear and tear, loss of components. With the comprehensive research study of lyophilization machine, the extent of applying freeze-drying modern technology for processing food is broadening. The output products from lyophilization machine in the international market are increasing at a price of 30% each year, as well as coming to be a mass food in international trade.

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