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2022-06-03 10:37:50

Lyophilization machinery

Lyophilization machinery is high technology dehydrating machinery or dehydration system. KEMOLO is international supplier and also manufacturer, and makes excellent lyophilization machinery with affordable price for sale in the whole world.

The lyophilization equipment is produced by the principle of vacuum freeze-drying, with affordable and also small design, as well as it's practical to maintain, totally automatic control and also easily run. The lyophilization equipment can function separately by linking three-phase electrical energy with total functions, no need for too numerous sustaining facilities.

The products which are processed by lyophilization machinery are simple to save for a very long time. After including water, they can return to the state prior to freeze drying as well as maintain the initial biochemical attributes. The lyophilization modern technology is ideal for generating heat-sensitive materials, organic tissues as well as commonly applied in medication, pharmaceutical, organic research study, chemical as well as food areas.

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