Lyophilization equipment for roses

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Lyophilization equipment for roses

Lyophilization equipment for roses 

It is different from fruit lyophilization, roses lyophilization requires a customized lyophilization equipment for roses application. Fruits have high density in its texture, but roses are empty inside. The empty inside structure affected their heat transfer efficiency. In other words, during freezing stage, the roses cannot be frozen complete in a short period of time; and in the drying stage, the roses cannot be dried complete in a short period of time. That is why it takes a long time to lyophilize roses. 


What technology can be used for roses lyophilization equipment?

Radiant heating technology is the effective solution for roses lyophilization equipment. This technology can help users to shorten roses lyophilization time from several days to 20 hours. It saved time and enlarged the production capacity. Furtherly speaking, it saved the cost and enlarged the profit margin of investors.


Technical Parameters



Shelf area


Capacity (Φ60mm, stem<50mm)

400 flowers

Capacity (Φ50mm, stem<50mm)

600 flowers

Capacity (Φ40mm, stem<50mm)

1000 flowers

Capacity (Φ30mm, stem<50mm)

1600 flowers or 20kg

Capacity (Φ20mm, stem<50mm)

3500 flowers or 20kg

Capacity (Φ10mm, stem<50mm)

12000 flowers or 20kg

Drying chamber material

Stainless steel SUS304

Drying chamber strength


Shelf quantity and material

5 layers; FDA certified AL-6063-T5

Shelf size (mm)


Shelf spacing


The diameter of hole

10mm (can be customized)

Product Freezing

In the machine

Freezing temperature


The shape of vapor condenser

Round tube

Vapor condenser temperature


Refrigeration system

Cooling both flowers and vapor condenser

Refrigeration compressor

Low temperature compressor



Cooling way

By air cooling

Vacuum pump

Double stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Ultimate vacuum level (Pa)

10 Pa (non-load)

Working vacuum level (Pa)


Installed power

3.5kw, 200-480V, 3P, 50/60Hz

Defrost way

By water

Control system

PLC with HMI; Manual control

Installation area (m2)

2 m2

Estimated dimension

1800*1100*2000mm (L*W*H)

Estimated Weight (kg)



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