100% natural without additives by freeze dry

2021-02-01 18:24:47 kemolo

100% natural without additives by freeze dry. Far away from additives and preservatives, let's produce 100% real natural products which is really good for your healthy. 
The raw fresh materials which needs to be freeze dried, does not need to add any additives and preservatives. The freeze dried products can be packed directly without adding anything. 
The way of packing is by thick aluminum foil bags sealed, no need nitrogen, no need vacuum. The traditional food processing way is out of date, and surely be eliminated by more healthy processing methods.

Beside this advantage, another merit of freeze drying is to retain biological activity. 
If it is biological products, to retain biological activity as much as possible, the material must be in low temperature environment, but on the contrary, drying needs heat involved. Heating will destroy biological activity and nutrition. The freeze drying solution is to get the liquid water in the material completely frozen to solid status (ice).  The water in the material is solid ice status during the whole heating processing till the material is completely dried. So, the biological activity is retained greatly. 

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