Retain flavor, color, shape by freeze dry

2021-02-01 18:10:06 kemolo

Food lyophilized by KEMOLO lyophilizer / freeze dryer machine, the food stuff still very tasty, delicious as a snack, but healthy. The lyophilized food remains the same color, flavor and appearance as it was firstly harvested. The freeze dried coffee smells great than spray dried; the fruits and flowers are the same good smell as its original. And the volume of lyophilized food has no change, that is to say the appearance has no shrink or toughen. It is the real high quality preserved food. Compared with all others drying methods, lyophilization technology is based on ice sublimation and re-condensing. The freeze drying equipment based sublimation, but all other drying method is based on evaporative drying. Therefore, other dryers cannot replace lyophilizer equipment

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