What is lyophilization? What's lyophilization process?

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What is lyophilization? What's lyophilization process?
What is lyophilization? What's lyophilization process?What is lyophilization? It has another name, which is called freeze-drying. The lyophilization technology is to produce healthy food for astronaut in space. It can be regarded as an advanced drying way as well as a complicated drying way. The lyophilization system requires the use of many subsidiary machineries to create the condition of lyophilization. The lyophilization process is a physical process that allows ice to sublime. The difference from ordinary drying, lyophilization is sublimation drying and the other drying principle is based on evaporation drying.

Lyophilization equipment can be seperated in o 3 categories according to application.

1. The lyophilization machines used in the production of medicines requires an automatic feeding system, an automatic capping system, full cleaning and sterilization in place. The system is very complicated and the price is very high.

2. lyophilization equipment used for food production requires large output, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Investment costs are also relatively large.

3. Not for production, but for experimentation, or for home use. This kind of lyophilization machine is very small, very cheap, suitable for scientific research institutions, schools and families, not suitable for business.

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