What is the freeze drying process? What are the categories of freeze drying machines?

2021-12-14 11:08:38 kemolo

What is the freeze drying process? freeze drying process, freeze drying machines

Freeze drying is a drying method used for product dehydration. First, it has freezing, and second, it has dryness. The freeze-drying process is a sublimation process. This process is more complicated and requires precise temperature and pressure control. Therefore, it requires a refrigeration system to cool the products and machines, a vacuum system to depressurize the cabin, and a heating system to provide sublimation heat, and ultimately the control system realizes precise control. Large freeze dryers also have quick freeze storage. Run multiple units together so that freeze-drying can occur. Freeze-drying is different from other drying, the freeze-dried product is perfect.

What are the categories of freeze drying machines?

1. Household freeze dryer, used by thousands of families, like a refrigerator, very cheap.

2. Pharmaceutical freeze dryers are mostly used for injecting medicines. They need CIP, SIP, and automatic feeding and discharging systems, which are very expensive.

3. Freeze dryers for food and health products are mostly used for health food production, with large output and high profits.

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