What is freeze drying? the types of freeze dryers

2021-12-14 11:04:01 kemolo

What is freeze dryingthe types of freeze dryers

Freeze-drying is a combination of freezing processing and drying processing. It is a sublimation drying method, which is more advanced. However, this freeze drying system is more complicated and consists of many systems, such as refrigeration systems, vacuum systems, heating systems, control systems, etc. Large freeze drying systems also have product pre-cooling systems. Multiple systems work together to realize the freeze-drying process. Freeze drying is different from vacuum drying, which does not require condensation the vapor from product sublimation. At the same time, the work pressure is also very high.

What are the types of freeze drying equipment?

1. Pilot freeze dryers are mostly used in research institutions and universities. This type of trial freeze dryer is small and cheap.

2. Food freeze dryers are mostly used for food work. They are large, with high output and relatively large project investment.

3. Biological products freeze-drying machine, mostly used for extract freeze-drying, can be produced with food freeze-drying machine.

4. Pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine, with high technical content, high pharmaceutical requirements, and relatively high cost.

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