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Freeze drying cannabis/hemp/marijuana, drying cannabis, the best way to process cannabis, freeze dried cannabis

Preserving cannabis/hemp/marijuana, drying cannabis, the best way to process cannabis, freeze dried cannabis

Cannabis is now legal in many countries. Traditional Chinese medicine called "hemp seed" or "hemp seed" used as medicine. It has flat nature, sweet taste, and functions: moisturize the intestines and treat dry stools. The flower is called "mabo" and it is mainly used to treat bad wind, amenorrhea and forgetfulness. The husk and bracts are called "hemp", which is poisonous, cures fatigue, breaks accumulation, and disperses pus. It is maddening to take more. The leaves contain anesthetic resin, which can be used to prepare anesthetics.

Freeze drying cannabis, hemp, marijuana, drying cannabis, the best way to process cannabis, freeze dried cannabis

Medically, marijuana is often used to assist the treatment of certain terminal illnesses (cancer, AIDS), to increase appetite, to relieve pain, to relieve neurological symptoms such as glaucoma, epilepsy, migraine, and to relieve emotional instability. Nausea symptoms in chemotherapy patients. Although medical marijuana is still politically controversial, doctors often recommend it informally to patients. One type of synthetic cannabis active ingredient THC (called Dronabinol or Marinol) is an open prescription drug in many countries. THC also has the effect of reducing arterial blockage. Sativex, a sublingual spray made from cannabis extract, is approved in Canada to treat multiple sclerosis and can be legally imported into the UK and Spain as a prescription drug.

On April 13, 2015, the medicinal value of marijuana was recognized: it kills cancer cells and improves the effect of radiotherapy.

How can we most effectively retain its medicinal value and active ingredients? By freeze-drying.

KEMOLO has helped customers successfully produce freeze-dried hemp in Canada and the United States.
Freeze-dried cannabis can be sold at a better price, and freeze-dried cannabis has the following advantages:

1, the fragrance is tangy

2. Bright colors

3. Good shape

4. The effective ingredients and medicinal value retain 99%

If you need to preserve cannabis, freeze-drying is the best way to dry it, and it's also the best way to process it. 

If you expect success on cannabis, don't hesitate to contact KEMOLO for help immediately!

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