China Freeze Dryer Manufacturers and Suppliers

2021-12-14 11:27:02 kemolo

There is a list of China Freeze Dryer Suppliers, dozens, even hundreds of suppliers whom is dealing in freeze dryers as role a trading.

Most of them are dealing bench top laboratory or pilot freeze dryers for instition, universatiy or homes. These lab equipments are like a refirgerators on the table or standing on the floor.
And the earliest lyophilizers suppliers in China provided appratus for pharmaceuticals. And there are some companies supplied freeze dry equipment for food.
China Freeze Dryer Manufacturer & Supplier - KEMOLOWant a China Freeze Dryer supplier for some products, but which is the most suitable one?

1, Consider suppliers from prices
The the most expensive one is for pharmaceutical freeze drying, as it must meet the standard of GMP and FDA.
The cheapest and smallest is for home or laboratory use, it does not need to meet any standard. And it has very simple structure.
The freeze dried food is quick consumbles. The equipment for this purpose is not expensive, but quite big for high production capacity.
And it needs to meet the standard of FDA, CE and ISO9001. 

2, Consider suppliers from application
To freeze dry pharmaceutical, you will have a buy an expensive pharm freeze dryer. No need to worry the price of freeze dryers, as the cost of some batches of pharmcy is even higher than the equipment itself. To freeze dry at home or for lab. you may consider a laboratory type, as it will be not possible for mass production in future. It is good, as long as it can freeze dry. 
To freeze dry food, but just for trial, the purpose is to try different products and try the market. After the increase of buyers, the food freeze dried business will be expanded. 
Based on this purpose, the investors need to consider, if the small machine is helpful for mass production; if the parameter or production time of the small unit is the same as the big one? 

Among all China Freeze Dryer Suppliers, KEMOLO mainly focused on large scale food freeze-drying equipment manufacturing, according to the standard of FDA, CE, ASME, EAC and ISO9001. 
To find the most cost effective freeze dryer supplier from China, and the most reliable supplier, you need to have a comprephensive comparation to avoid any fake, copy components
and find the advantage and disadvantage of each freeze dryer supplier to meet the freeze-dry requirement of your products.

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