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Vacuum freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze dryer lyophilizer manufacturer - KEMOLO 

Vacuum freeze dryer is referred to as freeze dryer; it is a sublimation drying equipment. It has been widely used in injection, protein, bacteria and other pharmaceutical or biological freeze dried fields. Today the field of food lyophilization is rapidly developing. As the name says, the vacuum freeze dryer has both vacuum equipment and refrigeration equipment. At the same time, it also needs heating equipment to provide the required heat for product sublimation. Since the internal space the freeze dryer machine is in a vacuum level during operation, a pressure difference of -0.1 MPa is formed with the atmospheric pressure of the outside. Therefore, the vacuum freeze dryer is a negative pressure vessel. In order to make the vacuum freeze dryer to withstand this pressure difference, in general, the chamber is designed to be cylindrical so as to maximize its compressive strength. If rectangular designs are used, the outer sides of rectangular bins must use stiffeners to ensure their compressive strength.


Vacuum freeze dryer type:

1, According to the output, there are pilot vacuum freeze dryers and industrial vacuum freeze dryers. The pilot lyophilizer requires a full featured, low noise, single phase power supply. Industrial freeze dryers require large output, high production efficiency, and energy saving and environmental protection.

2. From the use point of view, there are pharmaceutical freeze dryers, food freeze dryers and home use freeze dryers. Pharmaceutical lyophilizers are required to comply with FDA and GMP certification requirements. The entire production process is non-polluting, can realize automatic feeding and discharging, on-site cleaning, on-site disinfection and aseptic packaging; the food lyophilizer is required to meet the food grade sanitary standards and is cost-effective; the home use lyophilizer requires small size, low noise, and can low consumption and economical benefits.


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