Cheapest freeze dryer wholesale price from China manufacturers and suppliers

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High quality cheapest freeze dryer price for food

 Cheapest freeze dryer wholesale price from China manufacturers and suppliers

Since the freeze dryer must use an expensive refrigeration system, the vacuum system and the heating system provide support for the entire freeze drying equipment, and the price of the freeze dryer is much higher than dryers. This is also a major drawback of freeze drying technology. However, the freeze dried product has high quality, and the freeze dried product can also be sold at a better price, thereby increasing the added value of the product. The freeze drying technology is worth adopting and vigorously promoting.


Prudent investors may choose an inexpensive pilot freeze dryer or a home lyophilizer in the early stages. The pilot freeze drying machine generally is no heating function or electricity heating, and it is very cheap. If you use a silicone oil heating lyophilizer, the price will be much more expensive. The most expensive freeze drying equipment is used in the pharmaceutical industry. It requires the use of pharmaceutical grade stainless steel that is SUS316L stainless steel. It is required to meet FDA, GMP certification requirements, it must have the function of cleaning in place and disinfection in place, which also leads to price higher. Pilot lyophilizers are cheap and their production is relatively small, and they can be purchased for a few thousand dollars. Food freeze dryer systems are available in complete models and range in price from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although pharmaceutical freeze dryers are expensive, finished products can also be sold at very high prices, and the return is also high.


The most worrying thing is that if customers don't know much about it, purchasing a high priced pharmaceutical lyophilizer to make food would be too wasteful. Or the purchase of food freeze dryer for pharmaceutical products may not meet the corresponding technical requirements. We can recommend suitable lyophilizers for you based on your processed products and production. The price depends on the type and model, if you want to receive the freeze dryer price as soon as possible, you can directly fill out the form below or send us an email, we will reply to you within 24 hours!

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