How about freeze dried raspberry? How to freeze dry raspberry?

2021-12-14 10:40:43 kemolo

How about freeze dried raspberry?
How to freeze dry raspberryRaspberry is one of most popular berries in world. The fresh raspberry cannot be preserved long. Therefore, the raspberries are frozen to store. But frozen raspberry is not good look, the taste is not good, and nutrition is lost.
If the raspberry is freeze dried, that would be perfect! The color of freeze dried raspberry is beautiful! The shape is quite good, and nutrition still retained.

How to freeze dry raspberry?
Raspberry needs to be processed by an equipment called lyophilization. The raspberry is firstly frozen in a quick freezer, and then dried by sublimation. You may contact KEMOLO company for a video of raspberry lyophilization.

The freeze dried raspberry is so good. If you like them, you may build a berry lyophilization freeze-drying plant. Contact us for more details about the berries freeze dryer.  

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