Vacuum freeze-drying machine for fruits and vegetables

2021-12-14 10:41:38 kemolo

Vacuum freeze-drying machine

 Vacuum freeze-drying machine for fruits and vegetables

Many people don’t know the difference between a freeze-drying machine and a vacuum freeze-drying machine? The answer is that they are the same machine. Then, why is the freeze-drying machine also called the vacuum freeze-drying machine? All freeze-drying machines must be realized under extremely low atmospheric pressure, otherwise it is not called a freeze-drying machine. How can the pressure of the freeze-drying machine warehouse be reduced? Then the vacuum pump is used to pump all the air out of the chamber. In this way, a vacuum state is formed in the warehouse of the freeze-drying machine. Because freeze-drying machines are also called vacuum freeze-drying machines.


In addition to the vacuum pump, the vacuum freeze-drying machine also needs a refrigeration system. The refrigeration system provides cold capacity to freeze all the moisture in the product in o ice, so that the ice in the product is sublimated in the vacuum chamber and the sublimated water is at the same time The vapor condenses on the stainless steel coil. In the process of sublimation, heat needs to be absorbed. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously add heat to ensure continuous sublimation. The sublimation is completed, the drying is completed, the product is dehydrated, and the product is dried.


Therefore, the vacuum freeze-drying machine is composed of refrigeration, vacuum and heating, and is finally controlled by the PLC controller.

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