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Freeze dryer, vacuum freeze dryer for food, industrial freeze dryer for commercial

Once for astronauts, we used a food freeze dryer to make freeze-dried food; in order to preserve valuable medicines, we used a pharmaceutical freeze-dryer to make freeze-dried injection powder; in order not to waste food for thousands of homes, we used a home freeze-dryer to make freeze-dried meals; In order to provide healthy food to more people, commercial freeze dryers are used to achieve mass production; now, a big numbers of investors use industrial freeze dryers to make large-scale investments which is contribute to the development of food industry.
Freeze Dryer, Freeze-Dryer for FoodWhy use a freeze dryer for drying? Drying requires heating. Wouldn't it be faster to heat and dry directly? Why freeze? This problem may puzzle many people! That's right, the working method of the freeze dryer is to freeze and heating drying. The purpose of this is to allow food and other raw materials that need to be freeze-dried to be dehydrated at low temperatures, so as to retain the nutrients in the food, such as vitamin. The purpose of freezing is to freeze the water in the food in o ice, so that the ice is directly dehydrated in the freeze dryer chamber. This process is called sublimation drying.

Due to different usage purposes, there are many types of freeze dryers. If you choose improperly, it will lead to investment failure. For example, the laboratory freeze dryer is to process unknown solutions, and find the best freeze-drying process, and make a freeze-drying recipe. Can the recipe from a laboratory freeze dryer be effectively copied to the large industrial freeze dryer? The answer is uncertain, because the structure, function, and effect of the laboratory freeze dryers and the industrial freeze dryers are completely different. Such a recipe is almost no help to commercial freeze dryers. Many customers ask about the recipes, but they don't know that the food freeze dryer can easily set the production parameters without complicated recipes. If the recipe obtained by that laboratory freeze dryer is used on big freeze dryer, it will only lead to a decrease in production efficiency.

Is the data obtained from home freeze dryer helpful for industrial freeze dryer? The answer is also uncertain. Just like the laboratory freeze dryer, the design of a home freeze dryer will only consider cost reduction, not performance and production time. Its structure and configuration will cause the performance of the freeze dryer to deteriorate, thereby affecting the freeze-drying quality, freeze drying time and failure rate. If experimental freeze dryers and home freeze dryers have no help? The answer is no, it also helps users understand what freeze-drying is, how to freeze-dry, and what are the characteristics of freeze-dried products. However, it does not help users to accumulate data, no help to mass production, no help to commercialization; no help to people who just start the freeze-drying business.

If you have never involved yourself in a freeze-dried food business and want to succeed in the field of freeze-dried food and avoid wrong investment, then you need to pay attention to two points:

1. The first small freeze dryer must not choose laboratory freeze dryer and home freeze dryer, let alone pharmaceutical freeze dryer, on the contrary, you should choose small or medium-sized production-type food freeze dryer without recipe, simple operation, high production efficiency, energy saving and high reliability. Only in this way can you make money. Ask the supplier for a freeze-drying investment analysis report before purchasing a food freeze-dryer.

2. Choose the correct freeze dryer manufacturer. At present, there are many companies in the world that supply both freeze dryers and pharmaceutical machines; or they supply both freeze dryers and cleaning, peeling, slicing machines, conveying, and various freezing equipment; freeze dryer is only an unimportant machine in such companies, not a core product. You should choose a professional manufacturer that only produces freeze dryers. Many companies in the world are traders, distributors or agents of freeze dryers. They mostly sell small freeze dryers for homes or laboratories. The freeze dryer, they will recommend to you, is the one they can get more profit, not the one that is more suitable for you.

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