Food freeze dryer manufacturers and suppliers

2022-04-28 11:22:12

Food freeze dryer


There are two types of food freeze dryers. The first one is conductive type and the material is 304 stainless steel. The heat required for freeze-drying is through the direct contact between the 304 stainless steel shelf and the 304 stainless steel trays, which conducts the heat from the shelf to the tray, and then to the product. This food freeze dryer is also suitable for freeze drying of extracts, biological solutions, and pharmaceutical solutions.


The second type of food freeze dryer is a radiant type, and the material is aluminum alloy with a high thermal coefficient. The trays are suspended between the two shelves, and the radiant heat is transferred from the top to the bottom, and at the same time from the bottom to the top. The temperature between the shelves is the same as the temperature on the surface of the shelves. This means that radiant heat transfer is more uniform.


Food freeze dryer price

Compared with pharmaceutical freeze dryers, food freeze dryers are more economical and have a larger processing capacity. Due to the different materials used in the above two types food freeze dryers, the manufacturing process is different, the material cost, and the labor cost are different. Therefore, the conductive food freeze dryer has a smaller processing capacity, a higher cost, and the sales price that is not particularly economical. Radiation type food freeze dryer has large processing capacity, lower cost, and relatively cheaper price.


Food freeze dryer suppliers and manufacturers

Food freeze-drying is an emerging industry, and the pioneer is pharmaceuticals. Part of the food freeze dryer supplier is transformed from pharmaceutical freeze drying; part is transformed from refrigeration equipment or food equipment companies. However, food freeze dryer manufacturers like KEMOLO are committed to the research and development, design and manufacture of food freeze dryers from the very beginning, which can provide users around the world with the most reliable, economical and efficient food freeze-drying solutions.

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