Lyophilizer Mexico Freeze Dryer

2022-08-31 14:12:37 kemolo

Lyophilizer Mexico

As the products know, the healthiest are the freeze-dried products, that's why the freeze-drying equipment is more important to produce the freeze-dried products according to the standards. Mexico with a large market for freeze-dried materials, because here are fun local fruits. Mexico freeze dryer with good qualities, and good prices. Mexico freeze dryer with great capacity and good post sale.

KEMOLO are sold very well in the Mexico Lyophilizer market, They are all industrial machines. The Mexico freeze dryers with capacities from 10kg/batch to 2500kg/batch, meet the needs of different clients, such as for households, for companies, for industrial projects, it is also used for various sectors. Liofilizador México is dedicated to fruits, vegetables, food, medicinal plants, coffee, snacks, seafood, as well as products for pets.

On the other hand, of the Mexico freeze dryer itself there are two types of shelves, one is the radiant type and the other is the contact type. The radial type is manufactured with aluminum shelves and trays certified for food use. The heat transfer is faster, the product is heated more evenly, and the freeze-dried product has a better shape. It is more suitable for fruits and vegetables, foods and some solid products. The contact type uses shelves and trays made of SS304 stainless steel, also food grade. But stainless steel doesn't transfer heat as quickly as aluminum. It is more suitable for liquid products.

The Mexico freeze dryer with complete systems, users do not need to buy other additional parts to work. The complete system includes chamber, shelves, steam condenser, trays, trolleys, rails, blast freezer also called IQF, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system and heating system. of control. The control system with the touch screen and inside that are handled by four languages, English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian for Mexico freeze dryer.

We are dedicated to establishing a largest freeze dryer factory in China, especially the largest one in the world. We also have the certificates for Mexico freeze dryer, CE certificate, ISO9001 certificate, also FDA, EAC, ASME certificate, meet the needs of all customers.

Freeze-dried products are the food trend of the future, Lyophilizer Mexico with a potential development.

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