Lyophilizer Ecuador Freeze Dryer

2022-08-31 14:13:06 kemolo

Lyophilizer Ecuador

Ecuador is a tropical zone, so there are many tropical fruits, although consumers have become accustomed to a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. But the fresh fruits are preserved with limited time. Ecuador freeze dryer which could produce the freeze dried fruits.

Lyophilizer Ecuador there are several brands of freeze-dried goods, such as Bioprotec, Joyfood, Yums, Calefruit, Frizfruit, etc. KEMOLO freeze dryers are all used.

Ecuador lyophilizer for applications in various sectors, such as the following:

Fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, food.

Medicinal plants, instant coffee and tea.

The radiation type of the Ecuador freeze dryer is suitable for solid products, the Ecuador freeze dryer plant is designed for medium and large volume fresh materials. Because the heat transfer is faster, above all, it is heated more uniformly, the freeze-dried products have a better shape, and the color and flavor of the goods do not change.

Ecuador freeze dryer with better price, the chamber, shelves and trays are all made of SS304 stainless steel material, and the components are taken from world famous brands, such as Bizter compressor and Leybold pump. All the machines are brand new, the price of the Ecuador freeze dryer is very competitive.

In the future, under the premise of ensuring product quality, improving freeze drying efficiency, shortening drying time and saving energy will be the goals of KEMOLO freeze drying industry.

KEMOLO mainly provides freeze dryers with reliable quality and has its own core technology.

Lyophilizers with different production volumes are provided to customers. Ecuador freeze dryer are complete with models and the service is professional. Welcome to consult.

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