Lyophilizer Colombia Freeze Dryer

2022-08-31 14:13:22 kemolo

Lyophilizer Colombia

Lyophilizer Colombia supply equipment of small, medium, and large capacities.

Small capacities there are 10kg/batch, 20kg/batch, 50kg/batch

Medium capacity models are: 100kg/batch, 200kg/batch, 300kg/batch, 500kg/batch

Large sizes of Colombia freeze dryer include 750kg/batch, 1000kg/batch, 1500kg/batch, 2000kg/batch and 2500kg/batch.

As you know, Colombia is best known for its coffee and tropical fruits. Very typical of the world and with a good reputation. Colombia freeze dryer can be used on coffee. Since the drying process is carried out under low temperature and high vacuum, aromatic substances with strong heat sensitivity are retained, so the aroma is rich and the taste is pure.

The interior of the freeze-dried coffee particles is full of micropores left by the escape of water vapor, which is like a sponge, so the instant solubility is very good.

The Colombia freeze-drying process does not change the shape of the granules, so the coffee granules remain in the form of small sandy beans with sharp edges and corners obtained by freezing and grinding, without cracking, shrinking or hardening on the surface. The color and shape are ideal.

Colombia freeze dryer with many advantages, fast dehydrator, save energy, delivery time is two years, with the most competitive price, and easy handling.

The composition of the Colombia freeze dryer are:

The chamber with shelving system and steam condenser.

The cooling system with temperature sensor and cooling unit.

Colombia freeze dryer vacuum system with vacuum pump and vacuum sensor.

Heating system with electric heater. Pump and fluid.

Control system with PLC and HMI.

Lyophilizer Colombia there are many advantages, with Spanish service. If you are interested, we are available.

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