Lyophilizer Chile Freeze Dryer

2022-08-31 14:25:20 kemolo

Chile Freeze Dryer

Chile production lyophilizer for the food industry, of various fruits. The production of food freeze dryers in Chile requires compact equipment and reasonable prices.

The Chile lyophilizer equipment is for vacuum lyophilization, it consists of a chamber, with shelves, steam condenser, trays, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system and control system.

We have a wide range of Chile freeze dryers for fruit and food freeze dryers with the following advantages:

Best equipment price

Save energy

Easy automatic handling

High capacity and fast cycles

Different sizes from 10kg/lot up to 2500kg/lot

Four operation languages, Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian

The Overview of the Chile Freeze Dryer

The FD-500 freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying any liquid and solid material. Raw material production is 500 kg/batch (light product <500 kg).

The output production varies depending on the water content in the raw material, about 15-40% of the raw material.

The time of food chilli freeze drying: 16-22 hours/batch; Biological products, pharmaceuticals, chemical products: 50-100 hours/batch.

The color and shape will not be changed, the fragrance and nutrition will not be lost. Plus, the flavor stays crisp. It is the best choice for drying food.

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