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2022-06-03 10:37:39

Coffee freeze dryer

Your lyophilized coffee is powder shape, yet various other company offers routine particle designed coffee. Coffee is one of the most usual beverage for individuals on the planet. There are several famous coffee plant areas in Latin America, and the top quality of the coffee is great. The typical approach to dry the coffee is still by spray means in 180-200 ℃ heat, the preference as well as flavor is shed in such a heat.

What is the difference between freeze dried coffee as well as spray dried coffee?

Freeze dried coffee remains in reduced temperature incidentally of sublimation, and the taste is maintained in maximum; the taste is kept in maximum, and also its nourishment is maintained in optimum. It is the exceptional quality dried coffee. Spray dried coffee is refined in heat, the most valuable matters of coffee are lost is the heat processing, and also its preference is shed; its flavor is lost.

What are the benefits of freeze-dried coffee?

Freeze dried coffee is more delicious and the smell is extra taste.

Freeze dried coffee is healthier as there is no ingredients and also chemicals.

Freeze dried coffee can be protected longer.

Freeze dried coffee particle shaped is much more eye-catching and also fascinating.

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