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2022-06-03 10:37:43

Industrial freeze-dried machine

After freeze-drying, the freeze-dried items require to be packaged and also kept in time. Once the item is subjected to air, it is easy to take in moisture content as well as degrade and oxidize, so freeze-dried items should be vacuum stuffed, preferably nitrogen loaded.

Industrial freeze-dried machine normally refers to massive manufacturing freeze dryers, or business freeze dryers. Compared with research laboratory freeze dryers, commercial freeze-dried machine can rapidly load and discharge items.

The products from industrial freeze-dried machine are typically pre-frozen (with the exception of medicine and bacteria), which can save 3 hours of manufacturing time. When sublimating, it calls for heating. In the process of product sublimation, we use radiant heating transfer, which is extra consistent than conductive heat transfer. Using light weight aluminum plate for heat transfer, the heat transfer effectiveness is 10 times even more than that of stainless-steel. This is more for boosting work effectiveness and also conserving power.

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