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2022-06-03 10:37:44

Commercial freeze-dried machine

Commercial freeze-dried machine usually refers to huge scale manufacturing freeze dryers. Compared to lab freeze dryer, commercial freeze-dried machine can swiftly feed and also discharge products. As well as the customers can pre-freeze the item in breakthrough, therefore saving manufacturing time as well as production expenses. Commercial freeze-dried machine inhabits a fairly huge area and also need a few other workshops of resources storage, cleaning, peeling off, cutting, and also packing.

The freeze-dried item can be saved for a lengthy time at regular temperature without ingredients. The framework of freeze-dried posts is porous and also crisp, and also rehydrates promptly.

The commercial freeze-dried machine is composed of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating unit, and also control system. The main parts are drying chamber, vapor condenser, compressor, pump, electric heating system, and also cooler, and so on. Commercial freeze-dried machine is utilized for freezing moisture into ice state, and after that sublimating the water from the solid state into an aeriform state to get rid of the water, so that preserve the freeze-dried products for longer time.

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