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2022-06-03 10:37:46

Vacuum lyophilizer

To get premium quality vacuum lyophilizer, just get it from suppliers or direct companies for a less expensive price. KEMOLO deal vacuum lyophilizer offer for sale with cost-effective price for customers in both China and all over the globe.

Under vacuum condition, material is freeze dried by means of concept of sublimation. The dampness in the pre-frozen product is straight sublimed from solid state (ice) to gaseous state (vapor), without melting. The completed products generated by vacuum lyophilizer are formed to be sponginess, without shrinkage as well as superb in rehydration, consisting of little water just.

Vacuum lyophilizer utilizes one of the most advanced food making technology of dehydrated. Compared with the common drying techniques, the nutrients as well as food flavor and also shape of the food are maintained in a large extent as well as the refined food can be kept for a very long time under a normal temperature level and also dry environment.

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