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2022-06-03 10:37:46

Veggie lyophilizer

Lyophilization removes water under reduced temperatures which maintains undamaged the dampness networks as well as food fibers. The earlier you can remove your finished lyophilized foods from the vegetable lyophilizer machine as well as obtain them sealed in mylar bags.

Vegetable lyophilizer is used to produce lyophilized veggie snacks or veggie powder.

And also the pet dog food materials vegetable too. To produce top quality pet food, the veggie lyophilizer is required to process the mix of both meat and also veggies.

Freeze drying by vegetable lyophilizer is for the purpose of elimination of ice or other frozen solvents from a product via the procedure of sublimation as well as the removal of bound water molecules with the process of desorption. The vegetable lyophilizer can be utilized in freeze drying carrot, okra, purple potato, chestnut, pumpkin, yam, pepper, eco-friendly bean, onion, corn, purple potato, sweet potato, and so on. Freeze-dried foods made by vegetable lyophilizer keep their initial shape and appearance, unlike dried foods, which reduce and shrivel due to high-temperature handling.

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