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2022-06-03 10:37:49

Industrial lyophilization machine

Industrial lyophilization machine generally describes large-scale production freeze dryers, or commercial freeze dryers. Compared to laboratory freeze dryers, industrial lyophilization machine can quickly load and discharge products. It is likewise no worry to pre-freeze the item ahead of time, consequently saving manufacturing time as well as manufacturing prices.

Industrial lyophilization machine inhabits a reasonably big location, and calls for raw material storage space workshops, raw product pretreatment, sanitation, and also cleansing workshops. After freeze-drying, freeze-dried products need to be packaged and also kept in time. When the item is subjected to air, it is very easy to soak up dampness as well as oxidize as well as weaken, so freeze-dried products must be vacuum stuffed, ideally nitrogen filled.

The items from industrial lyophilization machine are typically pre-frozen (other than for medication and germs), which can save 3 hrs of production time. In the process of product sublimation, we use glowing heat transfer, which is a lot more consistent than conductive heat transfer.

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