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2022-06-03 10:37:49

Commercial lyophilization machine

Commercial lyophilization machine normally refer to huge range production freeze dryers. Commercial lyophilization machine inhabit a fairly big location and also need some various other workshops of raw material storage space, cleaning, peeling, cutting, and packaging.

The freeze-dried item can be saved for a long time at regular temperature without additives. The color, scent, preference, form, and also activity of the items after rehydration are generally unmodified, especially ideal for food, health care, as well as pharmaceutical industries.

The commercial lyophilization machine is composed of refrigeration system, vacuum system, furnace, and also control system. The major components are drying chamber, vapor condenser, compressor, vacuum pump, electrical heater, and cooler, etc. Commercial lyophilization machine is used for freezing wetness right into strong state, as well as after that sublimating the water from the strong state right into an aeriform state to eliminate the water, to ensure that maintain the freeze-dried products for longer time.

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