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2022-06-03 10:37:51

Vegetable lyophilization equipment

Vegetable lyophilization equipment is used to process many kinds of powder vegetables. Include powdered veggies to flour or sugar to make veggie noodles, sweets, cakes and also biscuits, beverages, and so on, which can keep the dietary material, color, and also flavor of veggies.

There are mostly two kinds of freeze-dried vegetables from vegetable lyophilization equipment: granulated vegetables and also powder vegetables. The method is to blend 8 kinds of vegetables and tons into vegetable lyophilization equipment to make granular veggies. This type of veggies is not just healthy and also scrumptious, yet additionally really suitable for children at the beginning of weaning, kids that do not like vegetables, as well as elderly individuals with poor teeth, patients that eat liquid or semi-liquid food and professional athletes with restricted food consumption as well as other special teams.

In recent times, the need for freeze dehydrated veggies in Europe, the United States, as well as Japan has enhanced quickly, and the import volume is still boosting year by year. The rate of vegetables from vegetable lyophilization equipment in the worldwide market is 4-6 times greater than that of warm air-dried vegetables.

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