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2022-06-03 10:37:51

Fruit lyophilization equipment

The straightforward sealed packaging allows the freeze-dried fruits to be crisply stored for more than 2 years. For fruits with brief seasonality and also high nutritional worth, the fruit lyophilization equipment is perfect to invest.

The temperature level of the product is consistent with the setting heat temperature level, and the vacuum level reaches limit value, the fruits have been lyophilized by fruit lyophilization machinery. The freeze-dried fruits require to be swiftly packed.

The nutrients of the freeze-dried fruits will not be lost, as well as the eliminated water will certainly not take away anything except moisture. The ended up products from fruit lyophilization equipment will certainly be sweeter, a lot more aromatic, as well as crispier. The quantity as well as form do not alter. The freeze-dried fruits are spongy, crispy, as well as scrumptious.

Lyophilization equipment is utilized to dry premium fruit. The fresh fruits will certainly be pre-processing, including picking, washing, peeling, and cutting, prior to packing into the fruit lyophilization machinery. When the fruits are prepared, you need to load into the fruit lyophilization equipment.

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